Distritojazz Reviews Children of the Light

“De la misma manera que hay caza mayor y caza menor, también hay tríos de jazz mayores y menores. El formado por el pianista panameño Danilo Pérez, el contrabajista John Patitucci y el baterista Brian Blade, piezas capitales del legendario cuarteto de Wayne Shorter, es uno de los mayores y su primer disco ‘Children of the light’ así lo pone de manifiesto.

El jazz que presente esta trío es de ese serio, recio, introspectivo, profundo, un jazz que no está al alcance de todos los aficionados, pero que si te atrapa asistes a una música que no quiere ser superficial ni gustar a la primera audición. Este es jazz, música, que el oyente tiene que trabajársela.”

“In the same way that there are big and small game hunting, also there trio of major and minor jazz. The formed by the Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade, Capital pieces of the legendary Wayne Shorter Quartet is one of the largest and first album ‘Children of the light’ and is evidenced.

The jazz trio present this is that serious, strong, introspective, deep, a jazz that is not available to all the fans, but if you get caught attend a music that does not like to be superficial and the first hearing. This is jazz, music, the listener has to work.”

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Outune Reviews Children of the Light, Live in Bologna

“I “discepoli della luce” illuminano con la loro grande musica un’altra bella serata di Bologna Jazz Festival. Unipol Auditorium gremito, venerdì 30 ottobre 2015, per Children of the Light, trio formato da maestri del rispettivo strumento (Danilo Perez, pianoforte; John Patitucci, basso e contrabbasso; Brian Blade, batteria) che per anni hanno fatto parte dello straordinario quartetto di un musicista di enorme inventiva sonora come Wayne Shorter. Da qualche tempo, i tre hanno deciso di fare ditta in proprio, con risultati eccellenti. Insieme, reinventano la classica formula del piano trio, creando un caleidoscopio raffinatissimo all’insegna delle continue sorprese ad ogni angolo di un triangolo perfetto, vera delizia per l’ascoltatore.”

“The “disciples of light” illuminate with their great music, another nice evening of Bologna Jazz Festival. Unipol crowded Auditorium, Friday, October 30, 2015, to Children of the Light, the trio of masters of their instruments (Danilo Perez, piano, John Patitucci, bass and double bass, Brian Blade, drums) who for years have been part of the extraordinary quartet a musician of enormous inventive sound like Wayne Shorter. For some time, the three decided to do business on their own, with excellent results. Together, they reinvent the classic formula of the piano trio, creating a kaleidoscope refined banner of continuous surprises at every corner of a perfect triangle, a true delight for the listener.”

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OffBeat Magazine Features Children of the Light

“Each musician contributes original material to the project that moves from pure brightness as illustrated on Perez’s opening, title cut to the filtered, shadowy glow of Patitucci’s “Moonlight on Congo Square.” There is a musical and thematic continuum throughout the disc that offers the wonderment of exploration and the delight of discovery—similar to child-like revelations. In their own ways, each of these exceptional musicians approaches the music with a light, though never hesitant touch. It’s a matter of excellence sharing space with humility.”

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Jazz Society of Oregon Reviews Children of the Light

“This trio of veteran players has spent over a decade as the backbone of Wayne Shorter’s acclaimed quartet, blending freewheeling improvisation with dense grooves. It’s a bit of a surprise that they haven’t released a trio album before, as each player is a prolific composer and bandleader outside of the Shorter quartet. Fortunately, this album is worth the wait. It’s far more than Shorter sans Shorter; rather, pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade blend their own distinct sensibilities to craft a truly collaborative and enjoyable experience.”

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RONDO Magazine Reviews Children of the Light

“Der Albumtitel ist treffend suggestiv, dabei stellt er eigentlich den von den Musikern gewählten Namen der Band dar; doch als solcher ist er eher unkompatibel für das angemessene Marketing. Schließlich handelt es sich bei dem Pianisten und Keyboarder Danilo Pérez, dem Kontra- und E-Bassisten John Patitucci und dem Schlagzeuger Brian Blade um Spitzenmusiker auf ihren Instrumenten und zugleich um das schlafwandlerisch aufeinander eingespielte Rhythmusteam der 82-jährigenSaxofonlegende Wayne Shorter, des Jazzgurus aus dem Geiste der offenen Miles-Davis-Tradition. In Konzerten seiner drei Jünger war bereits zu erleben, wie sie die Theorie von „zero gravity“ des Meisters, also des Fallen-Lassens in den Augenblick, in hoch konzentrierten Interaktionen fesselnd umsetzen: Spontan ergaben sich da zirkuläre motivische Entwicklungen von ungeheuer feinsinnigen Strukturen und faszinierender rhythmischer Differenziertheit.”

“The album title is aptly suggestive , but he actually represents the selected by the musicians of the band name ; but as such it is more appropriate for the unkompatibel Marketing . After all, with the pianist and keyboardist Danilo Pérez , the double and electric bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade to top musicians on their instruments and at the same time to the sleepwalker attuned rhythm team of 82 -year-old saxophone legend Wayne Shorter , the jazz gurus from the spirit of open Miles Davis tradition . In concerts of his three disciples had already been to see how they implement the theory of “ zero gravity “ of the Master , so the trap omission in the moment , in highly concentrated interactions captivating : Spontaneously arose because circular motivic development of immensely subtle structures and fascinating rhythmic sophistication .”

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"Children of the light deden het licht aan in Lantaren Venster"

“The Children of the light, oftewel het Danilo Perez Trio, deden muzikaal het licht aan in Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam. Een bomvolle zaal genot met volle teugen van het virtuoze spel van de heren die inmiddels al bijna groter zijn als de man wiens begeleiding zij jaren verzorgden: Wayne Shorter. Wat krijg je als je 3 absolute topmuzikanten uit de moderne jazz bij elkaar zet? Children of the light… Zelden sloten artiesten zo perfect bij elkaar aan. Vrijwel elke noot was raak en als de een besloot even rechtsaf te gaan, ging de andere net zo makkelijk mee en was het dus uitdagen en pleasen tegelijkertijd. De enorme lol die deze mannen daardoor met elkaar hadden straalde over op de zaal. Muisstil, maar buitengewoon gul met applaus en meer dan terecht. Of het nu een solo was Perez of juist weer Brian Blade op de drums, alles was even goed. Topconcert.”

“The Children of the Light, or the Danilo Perez Trio, did musically light in LantarenVenster in Rotterdam. A packed auditorium enjoying to the fullest the virtuoso playing of the men who now are almost larger than the man whose guidance they provided years: Wayne Shorter. What do you get when you have three absolute top musicians in modern jazz put together? Children of the Light…Seldom locks artists so perfectly together. Virtually every note was spot on and if one decided to go just right, the other was just as easy, and it was so challenging and pleasing simultaneously. The enormous fun that these men therefore had shared beamed across the hall. Mouse silent, but extremely generous with applause, and rightly so. Whether it is a solo or Perez was once again Brian Blade on drums, everything was equally good. Top concert.”

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Danilo Perez to Receive the 2015 Gloria Career Achievement Award

From International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago

Acclaimed Panamanian Jazz Pianist Danilo Perez to Receive the 2015 Gloria Career Achievement Award

Pérez Will be the Guest of Honor of the 10th Annual Latino Music Festival’s Closing Night Concert on November 22nd Featuring the Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura and the Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra of Chicago at the Merle Reskin Theater

CHICAGO (October 19, 2015) – The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago (ILCC) is proud to announce that the Grammy® award-winning Panamanian pianist, educator and social activist Danilo Pérez has been awarded the 2015 Gloria Career Achievement Award. This Award is given to individuals and institutions that have significantly contributed to the development of the Latino community, not only in Chicago and the United States but also across the Globe. Past recipients of the Gloria Award include Cuban actor Jorge Perugorría, Brazilian director Carlos Diegues, legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz, the multi-award winning Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno and Mexican artist Leonardo Nierman.

“Glory being the pinnacle of success and splendor, the highest recognition of excellence, it is a tremendous responsibility and a huge honor to be considered for such an important award,” reflects Pérez, who will be the guest of honor of the Closing Night concert of the Latino Music Festival, which celebrates its 10th Anniversary, on Sunday November 22nd at the Merle Reskin Theater, 60 E. Balbo Drive.

The concert will feature the Chicago debut of the Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura, comprised of boys, girls, teenagers and young adults with limited access to resources, who live in the Bañado Sur community, located next to the Cateura landfill, in Asunción, Paraguay and who perform using instruments elaborated with garbage reclaimed from the landfill. The Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra of Chicago will join them in the program.

“Danilo is more than a musical genius. He is a true champion of the arts. He believes in the transformative power of the arts, and in its ability to unite people from all walks of life. He has created a new musical idiom through such compositions as ‘Suite of the Americas’ and ‘The Canal Suite.’ He has inspired a new generation of musicians and artists who are now following in his footsteps. We are proud to honor Danilo with the Gloria Award in what promises to be a truly memorable evening with these two youth-driven orchestras,” said Pepe Vargas, executive director and founder of the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago.

In addition to over three decades of contributions to jazz and contemporary music, Pérez’s annual Panama Jazz Festival has brought world-renowned musicians to the country for the last 12 years, not only to perform but also to work closely with local youth. The mission of the festival is carried on throughout the year by the Fundación Danilo Pérez, which offers musical and cultural education to disadvantaged young people in Panama City. In Boston, Pérez currently serves as Artistic Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, which offers students an opportunity to explore creativity and advance the social power of music through the restoration of ecology and humanity.

Pérez released the critically acclaimed record Children of the Light with bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade (Mack Avenue Records) on September 18th, 2015. Starting in October, Pérez, Patitucci and Blade will be touring in support of the new album through Europe and North America.

Directed by Favio Chavez, The Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura’s repertoire includes classical music, folk music, Paraguayan and Latin American music, works by the Beatles and Frank Sinatra, film sound scores and symphonic heavy metal. The Orchestra instruments resemble violins, violas, cellos, double bass, guitars, flutes, saxophones, trumpets and percussion instruments. They are the subject of a documentary called The Landfilharmonic, which is currently making the rounds of film festivals worldwide.

Founded by Egyptian violinist Mina Zikri in 2005, the Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra fills an artistic need for young adult musicians to be fulfilled and employed. Zikri recognized a dichotomy in symphonic music. As many nations advanced from Third World status, parents in those countries began giving their children music lessons, sending the most promising to elite conservatories. Added to the young talent still coming from Europe and the United States, more world-class musicians are probably alive today than in all of human history. At the same time, the number of jobs for skilled musicians has remained the same or declined. The orchestra collaborates with well-known featured soloists from both the world of symphonic music and other musical genres such as folk, jazz and pop.

Admission for the event is: advance, $20-$30; at the door, $25-$35; ILCC members, $5 off. Advance tickets can be purchased online at recycledorchestra.eventbrite.com. 
For the full schedule of the Latino Music Festival, visit latinomusicfest.org
The Festival is presented by your local Ford dealers, Official Sponsor of the 2015 Latino Music Festival and The Joyce Foundation

Presented by the International Latino Cultural Center (ILCC), The Latino Music Festival (LMF) produces performances and promotes awareness of music from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, ranging from the Colonial period to the 21st century. The Latino Music Festival functions as a bridge, bringing Latin American classical music to audiences in Chicago. At the same time, the LMF fulfills an educational role by bringing this music to Chicago’s neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs through concerts and educational programs. In addition to a roster of internationally acclaimed artists participating annually in the Festival and its programs, the Latino Music Festival places a strong emphasis on local talent, featuring Chicago’s most prestigious orchestras, ensembles and soloists, as well as a number of talented young professionals. The LMF commissions new pieces from Latino composers and features world, US and/or Chicago premieres of works both new and historical. The Festival also has a residency program for chamber ensembles and soloists, which focuses on the dissemination of the Ibero-American repertoire.

The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago (ILCC) is a pan-Latino, nonprofit, multidisciplinary arts organization dedicated to developing, promoting and increasing awareness of Latino cultures among Latinos and other communities by presenting a wide variety of art forms and education including film, music, dance, visual arts, comedy and theater. The Center prides itself for its outstanding multidisciplinary local and international cultural programming which spans Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and the United States.
Born out of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, the ILCC also produces other programs, including the Latino Music Festival, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in the Fall; Film in the Parks, also in its 10th season; the monthly Reel Film Club, already in its 6th year; and many others.

All in all, the audience has grown from 500 people in 1985 for the first Chicago Latino Film Festival to more than 70,000 (Latinos and non-Latinos), who enjoy the year-round multidisciplinary cross-cultural exchanges offered by the Center.

NPR Reviews "Children Of The Light"

“That’s one of the greatest working bands in jazz, the Wayne Shorter Quartet. The group’s been playing together for 15 years. Last year, 82-year-old Wayne Shorter took a break, and the other three quarters of the group toured as a trio called Children of the Light. Now that trio is out with a new self-titled recording. Music commentator Michelle Mercer says Wayne Shorter may not be on the recording, but he’s very much present.

The first sign of this trio’s comfort with spinoff status is its name. Children of the Light is a twist on the Wayne Shorter composition “Children Of The Night.” Pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patittucci and drummer Brian Blade all entered the Wayne Shorter Quartet as bandleaders. And in most ways, the group functions as a collective. Here, on Children of the Light’s title track, the trio’s lively group improv is like a family dinner where everyone’s talking at once yet somehow, everyone’s being heard.”

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El trío que ha conquistado a los críticos

Durante 15 años Danilo Pérez, Blade y Patitucci han tocado juntos en el cuarteto de Wayne Shorter, conformando así la ‘sección rítmica’ de esta leyenda estadounidense del jazz.

Pero con Children Of the Light , el primer álbum que lanza el trío sin Shorter, Pérez, Blade y Patitucci han tomado distancia del saxo que los ha unido bajo su célebre nombre. El CD salió al mercado el 18 de septiembre y desde entonces ha venido suscitando críticas positivas en diferentes publicaciones especializadas.

For 15 years Danilo Perez and Patitucci Blade have played together in the quartet of Wayne Shorter, thus forming the ‘hythm section’ of this American jazz legend

But with Children of the Light , the first album that launched the trio without Shorter, Perez and Patitucci Blade they have taken away the saxophone that has united under its famous name. The CD was released on September 18 and has since been raising positive reviews in various publications.

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DownBeat Magazine Reviews "Children of the Light"

"Invoking the concept of “zero gravity”—a fearless approach to interaction and orchestration that comes right out of the Wayne Shorter playbook—Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade make their debut as a trio with profound things to say. The resulting album overflows with substance, which is no big surprise considering the abilities and accomplishments of these particular individuals (each is an experienced leader in his own right), not to mention the fact that they’ve played together for more than a decade as members of Shorter’s acclaimed quartet."

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RTE Ten Reviews "Children of the Light"

Looking for Light is for much of the time an essay in leafy languor and deep pile luxury, with Patitucci essaying a tersely talkative brief solo. It does sufficiently build, however, to break out in a kind of sweat. Luz del Alma is a soft, charming piano solo exercise as is Within Everything. Everything about this album breathes vintage expertise, self-assuredness and the kind of empathy that a trio who have been working together for over a decade should know.”

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Children of the Light "Mysteriously Beautiful and Wholly Accessible"

It’s the long time Wayne Shorter quartet…without Shorter. On the mysteriously beautiful and wholly accessible Children Of The Light (Mack Avenue), pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade take lessons learned and apply them to an 11-track all-original hour (except for a loving remake of Shorter’s “Delores”). Although they’re all leaders in their own right, this is their first trio outing.

Co-producer Perez on acoustic mostly goes tropical for his West-African “Lumen” on which he pounds the Yamaha electric. He’s acoustic for his own “Light Echo,” named after an existing astronomy phenomenon but also meaning how Shorter’s very soul echoes through these tracks. Patitucci positively dazzles throughout on both electric and acoustic bass. His “Ballad For A Noble Man” makes great use of Sachi Patitucci’s cello. Blade’s “Within Everything” is a beautiful song crying out for lyrics not yet written.

Of course, they all masterfully improvise, but, according to promotional materials using Perez as the band spokesman, they like to call what they do “comprovise” (spontaneous composition) “with dense harmonic and melodic forms.” Perez first played with Patitucci and Blade on his groundbreaking 2000 Motherland. With the release of Children Of The Light (a take-off on Shorter’s 1961 “Children of the Night” from Mosaic by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers), their mission is to “continue the Shorter school” using the “language he created.”

As for Shorter himself, who contributed to the liner notes, he’s a robust 82, still performing, still writing and still vital.

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"I Dig Jazz" Features Danilo Perez & The Christian McBride Trio

"Christian McBride Trio Live At The Village Vanguard is the jazz bassist’s second trio album. The album was recorded last year and released nationwide recently. For eight years running, McBride has had an annual weeklong engagement at the famed jazz club. He’s rocked the Vanguard with his quintet Inside Straight, and his Grammy-winning-big band. This time out, McBride performed with his trio drummer Ulysses Owens, and pianist Christian Sands."

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The New York Times Features Children Of The Light In Their Albums for the Fall Season

Since roughly the turn of this century, the pianist Danilo Pérez, the bassist John Patitucci and the drummer Brian Blade have been refining a sleek, ecstatic bond within the Wayne Shorter Quartet. They recently began working as a stand-alone trio, bringing an open-ended spirit of inquiry and deep reserves of collective intuition; “Children of the Light” is their debut album (Sept. 18). (They appear from Nov. 10-15 at Jazz Standard; jazzstandard.net.) Mack Avenue. (N.C.)

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Wheretraveler.com Finds Out What Inspires Jazzmaster Danilo Pérez


What Inspires Jazzmaster Danilo Pérez?

By: Leah Harrington

Grammy Award winner Danilo Pérez gets excited about music. The talented Panama native and Boston transplant leads Berklee College of Music's innovative and highly lauded Berklee Global Jazz Institute, which trains students to be ambassadors of jazz and to bring music to people around the world.

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Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci, and Brian Blade Announce First Release as a Trio: Children of the Light - Available September 18 via Mack Avenue Records

    "... a high level of collective improvisation." -  The New York Times


"... a high level of collective improvisation." - The New York Times

Album Features 11 Original Compositions and Fresh Take on Wayne Shorter's Classic "Dolores"

Danilo PérezJohn Patitucci and Brian Blade have been three quarters of the extraordinary Wayne Shorter Quartet for more than a decade. Since, they've also continued their individual careers as leaders of their own projects and groups. Now, on Children of the Light, they step forward as a trio for the first time with an imagination and fearlessness in their approach that defies the roles and ways of a trio in both obvious and subtle ways.

"When I gave Wayne a copy of the recording I told him: 'this is for you, Doctor. This is our gift. This is our show of love, care and gratitude for all the lessons'," says Pérez. "The compositions on this recording represent the idea of 'going beyond the music.' That's what he has taught us: to not think about music just in musical terms but as a tool for the betterment of society. It's about creating music that brings people together."

Daring and luminous, often an improbable mix of pointed, questioning turns and childlike joy, the music unfolds with mischievous unpredictability. The 11 tracks include original compositions by all three members of the trio and a fresh take on "Dolores," an old Shorter classic. Pérez, who typically plays acoustic piano, plays a Yamaha CP4 Stage electric piano on his West African-rooted piece "Lumen." Patitucci, who plays here acoustic, five and six-string electric bass, contributes three pieces, including "Ballad for a Noble Man," which features cellist Sachi Patitucci. Drummer and percussionist Blade contributes the soulful "Within Everything," perhaps the closest to a standard song in the program. It's a remarkable balancing act but even as they put their considerable talents to the service of the trio, each of the members maintains his distinct personality.

"We can 'comprovise' (spontaneous composition) with dense harmonic and melodic forms, but we can also explore the beauty of a simple harmony," says Pérez. "And you can see the care each one of us put into the songs we brought in."

The pieces themselves don't follow conventional song forms but rather suggest cinematic structures. Narratives do not always unfold linearly. Solos play out more like close-ups in the telling of the story than individual features."For us, it was like writing the soundtracks of our own lives," offers the pianist. "It was about using music to paint a scene, using the sounds to tell a story."

Children and light are two recurrent themes throughout the recording. The references to kids are not only explicit (such as the voices in Patitucci's "Milky Way") but also suggested by some of the themes, perhaps most evident in the playfulness of the motifs in the title track and "Sunburn and Mosquito" (dedicated to Carolina, one of Pérez's daughters).

"Wayne has taught us the magic of having a simple idea," says Pérez. "Like in his 'Over Shadow Hill Way' (he sings the theme). In a way, I'm using my children as good judges for melodies. If they can sing it, if something sticks with them, I feel I'm on the right track."

As for the idea of light, it is most obviously present in the song titles ("Moonlight on Congo Square," "Lumen," "Looking for Light" and "Light Echo/Dolores" to name a few) but it is also evident in the approach and the choices of open, translucent textures the trio favors.

"'Light Echo' is just an introduction I put together and it's named after a phenomenon in astronomy," explains Pérez. The light echo is analogous to an echo of sound. "It is the echo of a burst of light, like at the creation of a star, and it can go on for a long time. For us, it has to do with Wayne's light echo and our hope of passing it on. We want to explore the galaxies together, but we also want to remain human and explore the earth."

As for the playing, it doesn't take long to realize that this is not a conventional piano trio. Pérez, Patitucci and Blade first came together during the recording sessions for the Pérez's Motherland in 2000, and their work with Shorter since has fostered not only their audacity and cohesion as a trio, but also a distinct, shared language.

"As a trio, we have found a way to orchestrate things differently, we overlap in a certain way that makes it feel like there are other instruments in there," says Pérez. "One of the things I feel is so strong is how we function without Wayne, and yet he is there in spirit. As a group, we have a language we play and his notes are felt even when he's not playing."

The pianist further comments, "We didn't get together just to do a record. We've been writing music since we met, and Wayne has encouraged, supported, and guided us along the way." Pérez elaborates, "John, Brian and I have a long history, and this is not just a record for us but a commitment to continue the Shorter school. We have developed a language we call 'zero gravity,' a way of interacting, of orchestrating the music that we want to continue exploring and developing. While we were putting this record together there was no pretension, no grandiose ideas. This was simply three brothers who just wanted to keep the family together."

The very name of the recording is a play on Shorter's "Children of the Night," a piece that first appeared on Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers' Mosaic in 1961.

Years ago, while they were touring, "It was John who said 'we should call it Children of the Lightand bring a little light to the world'," recalls Pérez. "You say 'thank you' to a great man like Wayne not by imitating what he does but by playing off the language he created -finding a new language in the process. Like Wayne says: 'This is the new sound of the trio. You guys are touching another dimension'." 

Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci, Brian Blade - CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT Live Blue Note Milano